sitting in room 310
watching the screen
writing some emails
thinking of you permanentaly
knowing nothing will change in future
knowing you can't help
hoping you will try
wanting to escape
feeling so empty

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not to believe

going to bed now,knowing too much
standing up very early driving to ** to be away the whole WE..
by knowing YOU are not there
YOU will never be there again
but YOU don't know about it at this time

i don't like this time

good night my sorrows..

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sente un peu desillusionnée
le weekend etait ok
etait à schmogrow avec the Wclan..
sente un peu seule
comprends bien avec les filles
mais pensée a toi
tu est loin
plus loin
le plus loin

je suis mécontente

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little bit of happiness, my boss wrote me a lettre with the evaluation of my practical training
it's good
too good to my mind
i like it
but seems to be exaggerated
my moms said so

but i'll have good chances in future with this evaluation

i know

we all know, i'll be fine

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did it one more time
thinking i'll feel better
didn't work


got a lettre from you
read it
feel bad now


went out with the dogs
has been ok
i like them


brought cats to the vets
wasn't fine
let them there- their ok

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wer gibt dir das recht DAS zu sagen?
mir so weh zutun?
mir so in den rücken zu fallen?

dabei solltest DU die person sein,die das nie tut.
und du sagst ICH tu dir weh?


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*the grudge - nicht empfehlenswert
*pizzeria lh mitte - sehr schön
*kostebrau - *-.-*
*bett -
*zeitig wach - gähn
*einkaufen - teuer
*tierarzt - laut,lange,ok
*mittag - lies auf sich warten
*jetzt - hoywoy shoppen
*dann - *?* - friedi? - bett? - party???

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