the last days were too bad to be worse to remember!
but i have to..the only way to get over it...
so..i know i will not go to stadthagen in future to learn hotelmanagement there.it's not the way i wanna go,it has the flair i wanna feel,so it's not my style..this scool sucks.
ok.. so i went back..i DROVE back,because,i got my drivers'license(one of the rare positive moments i had in the last days)..afterwards..big trouble at home..bad mood.. i went out with * to drink some cocktails.. it was ok.. then..i saw you..one more time and you made me feel good for some minutes..but by the time you went off-you made me feel lonely and empty..you gotta nice night-but made me crying by knowing it-...
saw a car i didn't want to see anymore..memories of good times..

it sucks.. i'm ill, i'm empty and i still love you!

19.11.06 15:14

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Maddel / Website (20.11.06 22:19)
Irgendwie versteh ich dich bzw. deine Gefühlswelt nicht so ganz...
Naja, wir haben ja noch einige Englischstunden...

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